Special Projects

Airside GSE are one of the few companies in the UK who can design and manufacture for unique situations. If you can’t find the product you need elsewhere, come to us and we will design and build a solution to meet your requirements.

See below some of our recent projects;

  • Horse Ramp

    Adjustable horse ramp for loading race horses into aircraft ranging from RJ100 (BAE 146) 1.8m up to A310 4.8m. Manufactured from steel and marine plywood with an internal lining of protective rubber. Turntable steering with brake actuation when the towbar is raised. The complete unit is raised by a hydraulic hand pump to a cylinder coupled with a mechanical fail-safe lock when at the required height. This model is part of a range of ramps to suit individual customer specifications.

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  • Specialist Access Lift

    A low level access lift, ideal for wheel chairs, suitable for all regional aircraft up to 737’s and corporate jets. Available in two configurations; DPL 99A 2.00m for all regional aircraft and DPL 99E 2.9m for MD80, DC9 and 737’s.

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    DPL 99A 3.05m L x 2.24m W x 3.00m H (cabin lowered) Unladen mass: 395kg
    DPL 99E 3.05m L x 2.24m W x 4.21m H (cabin lowered) Unladen mass: 430kg
    Rated Capacity
    300kg distributed load
    Raising & lowering times
    DPL 99A: 20 seconds (raise); 15 seconds (lower)
    DPL 99E: 27 seconds (raise); 21 seconds (lower)

    Operating conditions

    The unit is designed for use on a hard, level airport apron and can be operated by one person.
    • Maximum sustained wind speed – 50 knots (57mph)
    • Maximum tow speed, unladen – 15 km/h

    Analysis and loading

    A three-dimensional structural computer design and analysis has been undertaken to ensure compliance with structural codes prior to full scale load testing. All structural design calculations have been subjected to independent design verification.
    Full scale test loading has been carried out incorporating structural testing using the worst combinations of horizontal wind loading, horizontal manual forces and 300% of rated load. Stability testing has also been carried out, giving a wind loading stability factor of 1.25. Each unit is subject to production testing to 130% of rated capacity prior to delivery.

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