Cargo Loading

  • Baggage Carts & Dollies

    We offer a full range of baggage carts and container/pallet dollies.

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    Airside Container Dolly
  • Belt Loader

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    Corporate Jet Belt Loader
    NS 625 NS 725 NS 800 NS 900
    Overall length (mm) 6403 7400 8057 8982
    Overall width (mm) 2100 2100 2100 2100
    Front Track (mm) 1781 1781 1781 1781
    Rear Track (mm) 1806 1806 1806 1806
    Wheelbase (mm) 2700 3250 3250 3250
    Ground Clearances
    Front Axle 162mm
    Rear Axle 200mm
    Conveyor Belt
    Max Length (mm) 6385 7400 8035 9068
    Max Working Height 3828 4444 4810 5316
    Min Working Height 1094 1045 1110 1110
    Unladen (KG) 2250 2400 2470 2680
    Type Perkins diesel, 4cyl, Model 404D-15
    Displacement 1,500cm3
    Bore x Stroke 74 x 81 mm
    Max Power 26.5kW @3,000 RPM
    Max Torque 96 Nm @ 2,000 RPM
    Speed 30 km/h
    Maximum Load
    725 Kg 800 Kg
    four-bar linkage, hydraulic operation with jack, without mechanical connection
    Service brake Disc brakes on front axle, drum brakes on rear axle. Servo-assisted hydraulic operation
    Parking brake Rear axle, mechanic operation with rod and cables
    Type Radial, tube
    Size 195/70 R15C
    Rim size 7″
    Electrical System
    12V circuit, 45A alternator, 12V battery
    Front Headlamps, direction indicators
    Rear Red rear lights with brake lights, direction indicators,
    reversing lights
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  • ULD Carriers

    The robust design of the JetLoad ULD carrier permits all types of container and pallets to be carried in a configuration of loading. The design was based on customer discussions to provide user friendly operation combined with ease of maintenance from the top of the loadbed.

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    Powered rollers propel the load on and off the bed with a variety of manual stops and sideguides for retention. Controls are located at the rear of the loadbed.

    • One man operation
    • Powered bed
    • Operating controls both sides
    • Carries all narrow based UKD and standard 10ft pallets
    • Capacity 5xld3 containers (or equivalent) or 2x10ft pallets up to 9072 kg
    • Modular design

    Download the Jetload Techical Data Sheets

    Jetload ULD Carrier Technical Data pdf

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